Wunderkeys – Preschool Piano Lessons

This is the programme that I use for my very youngest pupils! Wunderkeys is specially designed to introduce 3-5 year olds to piano and music lessons, using fun characters, songs, games and activities. Children are playing the piano right from the first lesson and having loads of fun whilst learning the basics of notation and working on their maths and counting skills!

One-to-one lessons mean that the scheme can move through at whatever speed is necessary, meaning that children never become bored or frustrated and develop a love of music that can last a lifetime.

At this young age, children’s readiness for piano lessons can vary widely. Here’s a checklist that might give you an idea of whether your child is ready, though it is not a definitive list! If you’re in any doubt, then do get in touch and we can arrange a discussion and/or taster session.

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Is my child ready for Wunderkeys?


  • Does your child show an interest in the piano?
  • Does he like listening and moving to music?
  • Is he excited about the prospect of music lessons?
  • Does your child know the difference between ‘banging’ on the piano keys vs. playing carefully?


  • Does your child respond well to questions asked by adults other than his parents?
  • Does your child sit and listen to stories with interest?
  • Is your child easily brought back to task when needed?
  • Can your child speak clearly and make himself understood in most situations?


  • Can your child wiggle only his thumb and only his index finger when asked?
  • Can your child hold a pencil or crayon?
  • Is your child toilet trained?
  • Can your child follow two-part instructions when asked?
  • Can your child focus on a single task for 5 minute intervals?


  • Do you have a piano or an adequate keyboard at home (or do you have plans to obtain one?)
  • Do you have time to sit with your child regularly to assist with home piano time? Preschool piano students need their parents to help them at home every day.
  • Do you have the ability to bring your child to lessons regularly? Consistency is important to your child’s success.

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