Piano Lessons

I teach piano from beginner to grade 8 standard, from age 5 upwards (for younger children, please see my Wunderkeys[link] preschool programme), including adults. My teaching is rooted in classical technique and repertoire, but I like to include a wide range of genres in my lessons, including jazz and pop, particularly as students develop their own tastes in piano music.

Each student I teach has their own reasons for coming to piano lessons, from those interested in advancing through the exam grades, to those who just want to have the most enjoyable experience they can with playing the piano. Some prefer to work on classical repertoire or come with a particular ‘goal piece’ in mind, whilst others are interested in accompanying or music theory. I pride myself in listening to my students wants and needs and creating each a bespoke curriculum that caters to them. The most important thing is that each student enjoys their playing and lessons whilst achieving their goals.

As well as time spent at the piano, I like to include a range of games and activities in my lessons, especially with younger students. These are always linked to key areas of what is being learnt and help to reinforce important concepts, as well as breaking up the lesson and keeping students engaged.

During lessons, I draw on Paul Harris’ Simultaneous Learning strategy. The core of this is that all aspects of musicianship – technique, musicality, aural, sight reading, scales and composition – are taught together, rather than being separated in to different portions of the lesson, often resulting in some of these being neglected. As well as ensuring that many more aspects are covered in a lesson, Simultaneous Learning is much more fun! A scale by itself is pretty boring, but when you can spot it in your favourite piece or try playing it ten different ways, then suddenly it’s much more interesting.

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